Olena Zelenska

5 May, 2023 11:13
Olena Zelenska arrives in London for the coronation ceremony

On May 4, the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska arrived in London to take part in the coronation of King Charles III, which will take place on May 6. The First Lady visited 10 D ...

26 Apr, 2023 18:01
‘Books without Borders’ project operates in 37 countries, – Olena Zelenska

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska reported that the ‘Books without Borders’ project has already been implemented in 37 countries. In total, there are already 44,000 books on ...

11 Apr, 2023 16:10
Ukrainian avant-garde art exhibition opened in Estonia

An exhibition of Ukrainian avant-garde artists opened in KUMU Art Museum in Estonia. This is an exhibition about Ukrainian artists, writers, theater and film directors who were kil ...

4 Apr, 2023 16:20
‘Ukrainian bookshelf’ works in 34 countries, – Olena Zelenska

Olena Zelenska stated on Telegram that the ‘Ukrainian bookshelf’ project now operates in 34 countries of the world. The project aims to present Ukrainian literature and culture all ...

10 Jun, 2022 20:38
37,000 women serve in Ukraine’s Armed Forces’ – Olena Zelenska

Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska spoke at the online conference ‘Women in Conflict’, organized by the European Union together with ‘UNO – Women’. According to her, 37,000 women ...

27 Sep, 2021 12:54
President’s PR film shown on central TV channels

Ukraine’s biggest TV channels showed a PR movie about the head of the President’s office Andriy Yermak and his deputy Kyryl Tymoshenko.

23 Sep, 2021 17:01
‘New chapter in cooperation between Ukraine and China’,  First Lady Olena Zelenska addresses Beijing Film Festival

First lady Olena Zelenska endorses 'cultural cooperation between China and Ukraine' in her video address to guests of Beijing International Film Festival.