Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska spoke at the online conference ‘Women in Conflict’, organized by the European Union together with ‘UNO – Women’. According to her, 37,000 women serve in the Ukrainian army defending the country.

The conference focused on the situation of women at the epicenter of war, justice, and women’s leadership in difficult life circumstances. During her speech, Zelenska showed photos and told stories of Ukrainian women in the Russian-Ukrainian war, President’s press service informs.

She stressed the role of Ukrainian women in resisting the Russian invasion, noting that they are not ‘passive victims’, as each had own history of resistance.

Most Ukrainian doctors are women. At the same time, 50% of entrepreneurs are women. Now they are working to support the economy. There are 37,000 women in the Armed Forces. More than a thousand of them have already become commanders.

‘History teacher Liubov Plaksiuk was the first Ukrainian woman to lead an artillery unit and is currently fighting in the Donbas. Our women are superheroines who are approaching victory’, said Olena Zelenska.