Opposition Platform MP

15 May, 2021 11:53
Medvedchuk could be ‘gladly’ swapped for Ukrainian prisoners in Russia, says Security Council Secretary

Ukraine could consider making Viktor Medvedchuk part of prisoner exchange with Russia on Ukrainian prisoners, says Security and Defence Council Secretary.

11 May, 2021 22:27
Viktor Medvedchuk responds to treason charges and raids on his office

Ukrainian “Opposition Platform –For Life’ MP Viktor Medvedchuk says ‘he will not be hiding from justice’ commenting raids on his office and high treason charges.

26 Apr, 2021 21:49
Mistakes and forged signatures found in MP Illya Kiva’s dissertation, the independent journalistic report

‘Opposition Platform –For Life” MP Illya Kiva defends the dissertation that is found to have mistakes, made-up terms and is allegedly verified by forged certificates, investigation by the independent journalistic group BIHUS info.