“Opposition Platform –For Life’ party MP  issued a statement following the raids on Ukrainian MP Viktor Medvedchuk’s office and allegations of high treason.

The politician who is now facing the charges of treason and plundering Ukraine’s natural resources in Crimea,  condemned the actions of the SBU and Prosecutor General’s office claiming that they ‘bluntly violated the Constitution and laws of Ukraine’.

The MP said that the raids in his offices came ‘violating the procedure’ and ‘on the unlawful directive of the government’ that had ‘fabricated’ the official suspicion of high treason.

‘Everything that is happening to me is a political reprisal for my principled position. By this I declare that I am in Ukraine and not going to hide form justice,’ stated the politician’s statement.

Viktor Medvedchuk said that he would cooperate in ‘lawful investigative actions to seek justice’.

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