Roman Pratasevich

7 Jul, 2021 13:48
Cabinet of Ministers green-lights sanctions against Belarus

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved proposals for the application of personal special economic and other sanctions to individuals in the Republic of Belarus.

27 Jun, 2021 10:14
Disclosure of state secrets: Did Ukraine’s president break the law telling Lukashenko of Wagner capture operation?

In his interview for ‘1+1’ TV talk show, the Ukrainian president admitted he called Belarus president to talk about intelligence agencies’ plan to capture Wagner mercenaries. Given it was sensitive information, can  Zelensky be legally responsible for disclosure of state secrets?

25 May, 2021 16:48
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry responds to Belarus protest note

Oleh Nikolayenko, spokesman for Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, provided official comments in response to the protest note from Minks following  Ukraine’s decision to cut air links with Belarus.

24 May, 2021 15:34
Tougher sanctions and no energy imports from Belarus, Petro Poroshenko on arrest of Roman Pratasevich

Ukraine’s ‘European Solidarity’ leader calls for tougher stance on Belarus following the arrest of former Nexta editor Roman Pratasevich in Minsk.

24 May, 2021 09:49
Roman Pratasevich. Death row flight

Minsk fake a suspected bomb alert and flew a Mig 29 jet fighter – that came on Oleksandr Lukashenko order- to force the landing of a Ryanair plane. The pilots were demanded t ...

23 May, 2021 16:22
Nexta group -co-founder Roman Pratasevich  arrested in Minsk

The opposition activist was detained in Minsk onboard a Ryanair plane that made an emergency landing in the Belarusian capital.