In his comments for ‘Bukvy’, Oleh Nikolayenko cited  ‘deceitful arrest of journalist Roman Pratasevich’  and ‘unpredictability of further actions of Belarus authorities’ who know no ‘red lines’.

‘It is not Ukraine that is creating problems in relations with Belarus, but it is quite the opposite,  with destructive policies of Belarusian authorities who are violating the basic human rights and cracking down on their own and foreign citizens depriving the country of sovereignty, and Russian benefiting from it,’ said the Foreing Ministry spokesperson.

He stressed that banning Belarus flights from Ukrainian airports and airspace came as a forced but necessary move that aims to ensure safety for Ukrainian citizens.

‘Belarus Embassy should appeal not to Ukraine, but to the authority of their own country whose polices have become dangeroul for the rest of the world, added the spokesman.

The diplomatic rift comes amid reports of mounting pressure on Belarusian authorities who force the international flight to land in Minsk in order to arrest Belarus opposition activist Roman Pratasevich.