Servant of the People MP

22 Feb, 2023 16:00
MP Trukhin concludes a deal with investigation

‘Servant of the People’ MP Oleksandr Trukhin concluded a deal with the investigation, admitting that he offered a bribe to a police officer. During the session of the Supreme Anti- ...

28 Apr, 2022 11:32
‘Servant of the People’ party accuses its MP of high treason

The ‘Servant of the People’ political party has come up with a statement regarding one of its members, MP Oleksii Kovalev. The MP is currently staying in the occupied territories o ...

15 Feb, 2022 13:00
US media alarmism over Russia threat crippled Ukraine economy, cost millions, – argues ruling party senior MP

Ukraine’s officials try to row back on aggression talk while the president declares day of unity in a bid to throw back support behind the military warding off challenges on the border.

3 Feb, 2022 17:00
‘Servant of the People’ MP placed on wanted list

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine has put ‘Servant of the People’ MP Serhiy Kuzminykh on the wanted list.

2 Feb, 2022 10:09
MP Trukhin booted from ‘Servant of the People’ party

Following a new development in a car crash scandal, the ‘Servant of the People’ booted Oleksandr Trukhin from the party.

2 Feb, 2022 09:30
MP Trukhin car crash scandal: police body cam video shows lawmaker offering a bribe to cover up the incident

In the footage obtained by ‘Ukrainska Pravda’, the lawmaker who for several months staunchily denied involvement in the incident is seen moments ater the car crash urging the police officer to let him 'walk away from it' and offering 'favors'.

11 Jan, 2022 17:21
Petro Poroshenko is ‘enemy of Ukraine’, – Servant of the People MP Mazurashu

The shocking statement riled up other TV show guests who hit back at the lawmaker over 'disastrous' policies of Servant of the People party.