In the TV talk show, ‘Servant of the People’ senior MP David Arakhamia сalls out US media over whipping up panic and alarmism.

Arakhamia was scathing in his remarks over US media coverage of Ukraine situation claiming it was overacting and fuelinng further panic and frustration.

Such ‘hysteria’ has cost Ukraine billions in losses and hit its domestic economy beyond repair.

Arakhamia said the situation needs a long hard look once the panic subsides, which is a matter of ‘few weeks’.

‘It is necessary to analyze how the leading media began to spread propaganda, that was worse than [narratives coming from]  Russian TV propagandists. There were fake stories  in CNN, Bloomberg and WSJ… We need to analyze this because these are elements of a hybrid war’, the MP said.

According to Arakhamia, world leaders are trying to work out a new ‘collective security agreement’, and Ukraine in this situation has become a ‘platform for negotiations’.

Earlier, president Zelensky addressed the nation in the video urging not to panic.