15 Dec, 2021 19:52
Volodymyr Zelensky meets with leaders of France and Germany

The parties called on Russia to go back to 'constructive work' to address issues of ceasefire, detainees' exchange and operations of checkpoints in Donbas.

9 Dec, 2021 22:42
Zelensky speaks with US president amid Russia’s military buildup at Ukrainian borders

The US president called Volodymyr Zelensky to quell Kyiv's fears that Washington struck a deal with Moscow on Ukraine.

9 Dec, 2021 17:15
Zelensky’s spokesperson announces president’s participation in the international summit, but he is not on the schedule

On December 9, the press secretary of Zelensky, Serhii Nykyforov, announced Zelensky’s participation in ‘The Summit for Democracy’, however, the event program does not mention the speech of the Ukrainian president.

24 Aug, 2021 23:37
European Commission vice-president meets Petro Poroshenko following the assault on ‘European Solidarity’ leader

On Tuesday, ‘European Solidarity’ leader Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with European Commission executive vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis who was visiting Kyiv for Independence Day celebration.

22 Aug, 2021 16:35
Zelensky-Merkel meeting. Key points of the talks on Nord Stream and Donbas conflict

German chancellor Angela Merkel visits Kyiv Sunday as part of her 'farewell tour' to discuss issues of Donbas peace talks and controversial Nord Stream project.

29 Jul, 2021 14:13
Ukrainian MP warns Biden-Zelensky talks will be ‘heated’

Biden-Zelensky talks will see a 'heated discussion' over the US stance on 'Nord Stream II' project, said 'Servant of the People' MP close to the Ukrainian president.

9 May, 2021 18:14
Ukraine receives the list for prisoner exchange from Donbas separatists

After several months of delay, Russia-controlled administration in Donbas passed the Ukrainian officials the list of people for prisoner exchange.