In his comments for ‘Ukraina 24’ TV channel, David Arakhamia, ‘Servant of the People’ MP and one of the closest allies of Ukraine’s president said the upcoming talks between the presidents of Ukraine and the US will see ‘a heated discussion’ over the latest the US-Germany deal over ‘Nord Stream II’.

Calling the Russian gas pipeline a ‘geopolitical project’, David Arakhamiya stressed Ukraine is still looking for ways to block it engaging ‘organic allies like Great Britain, Poland, and the Baltic states’ and seeking support from diasporas overseas for lobbying through ‘contacts’  in the US Congress.

‘When the Congress resumes its work in September, you will see, it will balk at this decision of Biden’, added the MP.

David Arakhamiya expressed optimism over the ‘bipartisan support of Ukraine’ among the US congressmen, ‘dozens of whom will interrupt their holidays to attend the meeting with Zelenksy’.

‘I expect given the strain that .. the informal meeting of Zelenksy and Biden will see a heated discussion. The US in many respects are underestimating or pretend to be underestimating the blow they are delivering by this act (agreeing to the deal on Nord Stream II).’


The  date of Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the US got rescheduled and now is set for July 30. Earlier this month, the president’s office informed that in his talks with the US counterpart Zelensky will bring up the issues of ongoing Russia’s aggression, de-occupation of Crimea, energy security threats  Ukraine and the EU are facing with completion of ‘Nord Stream II’ project that poses a  ‘security challenge for the country and the region’.