Ukrainian language

9 Nov, 2022 13:20
Ukraine marks Ukrainian Literature and Language Day

On November 9, Ukraine marks the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language, honoring one of the most important cultural treasures and assets of the people. The holiday was started b ...

4 Jul, 2022 16:58
Kryvyi Rih officials bid for ‘soft Ukrainzation’. What is it all about?

In a bid to encourage locals to switch to Ukrainian, the city administration in predominantly Russian-speaking Kryvyi Rih will set up ‘Let’s speak Ukrainian’ free language clubs fo ...

25 Mar, 2022 18:14
At least 70% of Ukrainians call Ukrainian their native tongue as Russian language use is decreasing, – survey findings

The survey findings show the dramatic increase of Ukrainians – from 57% in 2012 to 76% in 2022 – who call the Ukrainian language their mother tongue. By contrast, the number of Rus ...