In a bid to encourage locals to switch to Ukrainian, the city administration in predominantly Russian-speaking Kryvyi Rih will set up ‘Let’s speak Ukrainian’ free language clubs for kids and grown-ups, said local governor Oleksandr Vilkul.

The governor urged people to speak Ukrainian, arguing it is part of the struggle on the home front.

The new language clubs will offer Ukrainian classes to children aged 7-14 – their parents will just need to apply for a free course.

As safety remains a major concern because the city is very close to the area of ongoing hostilities, all clubs will be held at places that have shelters.

‘Let’s speak Ukrainian’ is a 2-month course – its classes will be held on weekends. Language instructors will teach correct pronunciation and will give practical skills of writing formal documents in Ukrainian. The campaign is viewed as ‘soft Ukrainization’ effort aiming undo the dominance of Russian in the region.