Ukrainian parties

18 Feb, 2022 14:13
3 in 5 Ukrainians ‘confident’ country can drive off Russia’s invasion, – poll findings

Most Ukrainian citizens have no doubt about the fighting capacity of country’s army and are convinced the Armed Forces will be able to repel Russia's attack in the event of a full-scale invasion.

13 Dec, 2021 12:59
European Solidarity making electoral gains, new poll figures

With the most major parties seeing their support numbers dwindling, 'European Solidarity' remains the only party attracting new voters, up 3 points compared to the June findings.

24 Nov, 2021 16:39
‘European Solidarity’ is making gains in polls

Increase in support for ‘European Solidarity’ party is closing the gap to several points between the maint opposition party and 'Servant of the People'.

16 Nov, 2021 16:59
‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ taking the lead in polls

The new poll shows a decline in support for Zelensky's 'Servant of the People' and a promise of close race in the next parliamentary elections as two out of three Ukrainians now claiming 'the country is heading in the wrong direction'.