The survey conducted by KIIS found that only two Ukrainian parties enjoy support  in solid two-digit numbers. ‘European Solidarity’ is now taking the lead in voting intentions as  almost one in five Ukrainians said (19,8%) said they would vote the party if this were election day.

‘Servant of the People’ has slid to second place and its support now stands at 18,3% compared to 20,3%  they boasted back in June.

Despite narrow gap – roughly 1,5 points between the two leaders,  European Solidarity boasts the climbing number of support, up to 2.9 % compared to the June survey figures.

Yuliya Tymoshenko’s ‘Batkivschyna’ support is at  9.1%, which is almost 3 points down  compared to its June numbers.

With pro-Russian sentiment steadily on the wane, Moscow-leaning ‘Opposition Platform for Life’ is also 3 points down to 9%.

The support for other three parties in the top 5 – ‘Syla i Chest’, ‘Radykalna party’, and Groysman’s ‘Ukrainska Strategiya’ –  hovers between 5- 7%.