US Embassy

24 Jan, 2022 17:46
Zelensky senior aide offers his take on withdrawal of  US diplomats’ families from Kyiv

Zelensky's aide says there are no 'ominious signals' as Ukrainian officials try to play it cool amid the news the US makes its embassy staffers evacuate families from Kyiv.

9 Aug, 2021 14:57
US Embassy responds to possible violation of green card policies by Tymofii Mylovanov 

The US Embassy in Ukraine refused to tell if the latest revelations from the former economy minister Tymofii Mylovanov that he misinformed the US border control officials will affect his status of a green card holder.

1 Jun, 2021 17:25
Travel to the US through Schengen area can be resumed in July, US Embassy in Ukraine

Restrictions for air travel to the US can see some easing in July, says the US Embassy in Ukraine