Bukvy approached US Embassy in Ukraine for a comment about recent claims from the former Ukraine’s economy minister Tymophii  Mylovanov who admitted failing to keep to green card regulations and lying to US Border Control officials when entering the country.

In response to Bukvy information request, the US Embassy refused to provide the details of the matter citing ‘confidentiality’ of visa records.

Earlier this month, Tymofii Mylovanov revealed he misinformed US immigration officers entering the States – citing his lecturing job at Pittsburgh university as his main place of employment.

‘The system identified my face (face recognition) despite my black eye and bruise. It redirected me to customs and border control officers. The officers inquired me about my activity in Ukraine. I told I was a minister having a full-time position of a professor in Pittsburgh, paying taxing here, having pension savings etc. Meaning the US according to all their laws is my home. Yes, I am an advisor to [president’s] office, teaching in Kyiv School of Economics, and holding several posts in Ukraine, but it is all secondary in comparison to teaching in Pittsburgh. They asked me how I gave classes last year. I said it was online. And that’s it. My arguments were accepted’, said the former minister in his comments on Facebook.

In response to social media blowback over his remarks that employment in Ukraine was ‘secondary’, the former economy minister said he did so not to have his green card revoked.