vaccination campaign

12 Jan, 2022 14:32
Ukraine updates its mix-and-match regimen for Covid vaccines

The new mix-and-match approach is allegedly set to generate the more robust response in your immune system.

12 Dec, 2021 18:05
Anti-vaxxers stage protest in Kyiv center

The event callled 'Protecting the right to life'' was staged to protest mandatory vaccination in Ukraine.

10 Dec, 2021 16:01
Fake COVID certificate holders have to turn themselves in to avoid penalties, Ukraine’s top health official

The health minister of Ukraine Viktor Liashko explained how people who bought a fake certificate can get vaccinated.

9 Dec, 2021 12:50
Ukraine reports 45% vaccination rate

As the vaccination campaign continues, 45% of Ukrainian population have received at least one jab.

6 Dec, 2021 14:34
Ukraine’s health ministry warns of fraudsters

The Ministry of Health warns of fraudsters who ask on the Internet personal data ‘to receive one thousand hryvnas’ promised by government as a vaccination incentive.

26 Nov, 2021 08:56
Ukraine reports 34% vaccinated adults

As of November 26, 34.2% of the adult population in Ukraine have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

24 Nov, 2021 15:13
Anti-vax protesters rally near SBU headquarters, demand release of arrested activist

On Wednesday morning, Kyiv saw anti-vaccination protest, which later moved from the Verkhovna Rada to the SBU demanding release of their leader.