On Sunday, anti-vaccine protesters flocked to  Maydan Nezaleznhosti in Kyiv center to vent their anger at mandatory vaccination and govermental quarantine poliices.

The event called ‘Protecting the right to life’ was organized by activists of ‘Human rights’ group led by Ostap Stakhiv.

The Kyiv gathering drew a crowd of some several hundred people. The similar events were staged the same day in over 20 towns across Ukraine.

Social media accounts of the group are actively pushing back against  legislature #4121 ‘On system of public health’ that, according to anti-vaxxing crowd, is set to bring in stricter vaccine mandates.

Unsurpsiningly, Kyiv anti-vaccine crowd flaunted social distancing rules and wore no masks.

The protesters brought signs with anti-vaccine slogans blaming goverment of Denys Shmygal for the fallout from the pandemic, and raged against possible vacccination of children.

In his speech at Kyiv protest, Ostap Stakhiv called  vaccination campaign as ‘scam’  arguing  God guided him through ‘trials, ‘interrogations, harassment,  searches, and kidnapping’ .