The agency has launched an internal probe with some of security workers already fired after a scathing media report revealed Zelensky was among the party guests, said reporter Mykhaylo Tkach in ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ podcast Monday.

‘This story [of private parties at the state residence] will unfold. I know State Security is investigating and looking for my sources [that leaked the information]. They think I have a whole network of sources. And now they are probing and inspecting.’

The story also featured a drone footage shot at the state residence in Guta.

‘I know that they fired state security officers who failed to take down our drone which we were flying above ‘Synegora’ [residence], this is what president [Zelensky] called a law violation. They had to have taken it [the drone] down but with some radars failing, they didn’t notice it, didn’t  shoot it down’.

Mykhaylo Tkach claimed he was surprised by  Zelensky’s  officials’ denial of Andriy Yermak’ private party at Guta residence as the story was no news to ‘numbers of people in political circles, journalists and people who work there [at the state residence]’.

In a response to ‘Bukvy’ inquiry on the story, State Security Department called it ‘a fake from [Mykhaylo] Tkach’ adding the journalist should have approached the department for an official commentary to ‘avoid such situation’.

‘We yet again have to upset Mr. Mykhaylo [Tkach] as his professional activities in no way have impacted work of our staff’.