19 May, 2022 21:26
Hard body armor resell scandal: Cherkasy offcials deny invovlement, Epicenter retailer suspends work with Veneto Group acused of profiteeering

The backlash over re-sell of volunteer-sponsored hard body armor in a Cherkasy house improvement store prompted a probe by Ukraine’s security agency and made Epicenter K, Ukraine’s biggest house improvement retailer, severe ties with the company accused of a fast-buck scheme

27 Dec, 2021 16:37
25 thousand Ukrainians sign up online petiotion urging president to axe new consciption policy for women

A petition calling to roll back a policy demanding Ukrainian women to register for the military service collected upwards 25 thousand signatures.

27 Dec, 2021 13:07
Servant of the People leader responds to scandals with party MPs

Servant of the People party leader Olena Shulyak said Monday the party is poised to set up a disciplinary panel to address cases of misconduct  by its members.

22 Dec, 2021 13:54
‘Servant of the People’ MP caught on video cursing and insulting traffic police officers

Seething ‘Servant of the People’ MP Mykola Halushko threw obscenities at traffic cops who stopped his car for violating traffic rules.

21 Dec, 2021 19:21
Interior Ministry avoids most questions on Gogilashvili past record

Four out of five questions from ‘Bukvy’ official inquiry on Gogilashvili were left unanswered by his former employers at Ukraine’s Interior Ministry.

13 Dec, 2021 14:29
Interior deputy minister axed by Ukrainian government after scandalous video

The decision comes two days after the footage showed the senior official provoking an altercation with police officers in Donbas.

11 Dec, 2021 14:35
Interior deputy minister under fire over ugly run-in with law enforcement officers in Donbas

The deputy minister picked an altercation with patrol police at a checkpoint in Donbas.