As a part of an international operation between Ukraine’s SBU and cybersecurity agencies in Great Britain and the US, Ukrainian cybersecurity operatives  exposed a group of hackers that targeted companies worldwide with ransomware attacks and offered their hack-for-hire services on DarkNet makrets.

Their hack-for-hire services included illegal VPN coverage, hi-jacking IP-addresses, phishing,  DDoS and spam attacks,  ransomware attacks targeting state agencies and businesses stealing and encrypting their data.

The business proved to have been in demande  as the cybercriminals allegedly netted about $1 million through the fees and ransom payments, which came through illegal online payment platforms.

Raiding  the house of the alleged hackers, the cybersecurity police seized the computer equipment, arms, mobile phones, payment cards as evidence of illegal activity.

The hackers are now facing charges of unauthorized interference in the work of computers, malware development and distribution, and money laundering.