The latest poll conducted by Kyiv International Sociology Institute has shown the ‘European solidarity’ party continues to be ahead of their rivals with 15.5% support of voters while Zelensky ‘Servant of the People’ goes second with 11%.

The leaders are followed by Yulia Tymoshenko’s ‘Batkivshchyna’ – 7.8%, ‘Opposition Platform for Life’ – 6.8% and ‘Rozumna Polityka’ of the former speaker Dmytro Razumkov – 3.9%.

As evidenced by the poll results, ‘Syla I chest’ and ‘Golos’ parties are steadily losing ground and can hardly hope to enter the parliament.

The poll also proved the gap between the ‘European solidarity’ and the ‘Servant of the People’ continues to grow with 4 points now while back in December the difference was within the statistical error.


The poll was conducted on February 5-13 and involved 2,000 respondents from all regions of Ukraine.