Servant of the People

5 Jun, 2023 15:43
Member of Kyiv city council declared wanted

The anti-corruption court declared Kyiv city council member Vladyslav Trubitsyn on international wanted list. The official left Ukraine in May. As reported by the Special Anti-Corr ...

23 Feb, 2023 13:19
MP Trukhin submits resignation letter

MP Oleksandr Trukhin, who previously pleaded guilty to offering a bribe, has submitted a resignation letter. The news came from MP Yaroslav Zhelezniak who posted the resignation le ...

23 Jan, 2023 15:08
Deputy head of ‘Servant of the People’ parliament group Pavlo Halimon hid the purchase of estate worth ten million UAH, – media report

Last summer, MP Pavlo Halimon, the deputy head of the ‘Servant of the People’ party parliament group, bought an estate on the Pechersky hills in Kyiv center. As reported by ‘Ukrain ...

28 Apr, 2022 11:32
‘Servant of the People’ party accuses its MP of high treason

The ‘Servant of the People’ political party has come up with a statement regarding one of its members, MP Oleksii Kovalev. The MP is currently staying in the occupied territories o ...

21 Feb, 2022 13:12
European Solidarity strengthens lead in polls

The oppostion party is exending its lead in opinion polls, and now is clear 7 points ahead of Servant of the People.

16 Feb, 2022 11:51
‘European Solidarity’ on top of party ratings, – latest poll

The ‘European solidarity’ party headed by Petro Poroshenko continues to take a lead in Ukrainian party ratings.

7 Feb, 2022 11:55
Servant of the People MP car crash: investigators seeking witness report from police office over held-back body cam footage

Investigators said 4 out of 5 car accident reconstruction reports failed to indentify the person who caused the car collision.