The statement calls charges against Petro Poroshenko ‘politically motivated and fake’, noting that Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky has deliberately chosen a time when the former president is on a business trip.

Party representatives claim these charges is a persecution of the opposition, which Zelensky is carrying out instead of strengthening the country’s defense.

The statement reminded that it was during Petro Poroshenko’s presidency that the Ukrainian army was revived and liberated two thirds of Donbas territory.

In addition, it was the former president who achieved visa-free travel to EU, the Association Agreement with the European Union and energy independence from Russia, formed an international coalition in support of Ukraine and secured sanctions against Russia.


‘Not Poroshenko, but Zelensky was filming in Moscow and took pictures on the Red Square when the Russian army were seizing Crimea.

Not Poroshenko, but Zelensky participated in a separatist corporate party in Horlivka in April 2014.

Not Poroshenko, but Zelensky avoided the military service when Poroshenko’s son served in the army.

Not Poroshenko, but Zelensky betrayed a special operation to detain Wagner group mercenaries’, – the statement goes.


The party adds that Zelensky uses show business tricks to save his ratings, which are dramatically falling, including the persecution of the opposition.


It should be noted that the opposition warned of possible prosecution back in November when state prosecutors put charges against former energy minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn in connection to coal contracts allegedly helping separatists get profits from the scheme.