On Friday, former Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Groysman was a guest of ‘Svoboda Slova’ TV show that covered a controversial role of Zelensky’s officials in Wagnergate scandal exposed by explosive Bellingcat report.

Alerted by his bodyguards, Groysman stayed inside much longer after the TV show ended to avoid encounter with one of the reporters who waited for him outside.

Eventually, he left the place shielded by parasols and drove away with his bodyguards in two cars, ignoring the questions of  the reporter.


License plate check of the two cars found that one of the vehicles Groysman was using – Toyota Land Cruiser, АА5780ОЕ – was noticeably registered as a completely different car – Peugeot 208.


‘Bukvy’ also found that the car Toyota Land Cruiser, АА5780ОЕ was absent from Groysman’s assets declaration.

His hasty retreat comes no surprise given the uncomfortable questions the former PM faces in the light of the latest controversies he was part.

Groysman previously came under scrutiny in connection to:

  • Involvement of his affilate  Myroslav Prodan in car smuggling scheme, revealed by Pandora Papers.
  • A $ 10.8 million loan from ‘Kreditprombank’, which was received in 2007 by a company affiliated with the Groysman family, but never paid back to the bank.
  • vague messaging of his speech in Vinnytsia at the time of Maidan events, when then city mayor failed to speak up against the Yanukovych regime and even claimed Ukraine was getting a ‘civil war’.

His earlier tenure as the mayor of Vinnytsia was also marked by a slew of local corruption stories.