24 Apr, 2023 15:03
SBU detains former intelligence officer

The Security Service of Ukraine detained the former acting commander of one of the units of the Special Operations Forces Roman Chervinskyi, whose actions, according to the investi ...

10 Feb, 2022 15:52
Wagnergate scandal: state media regulator to look into claims ‘Prymyi’ TV channel disclosed confidential  information

State regulator said showing intellingence 'classified' documents about Wagnergate can be foul game and launched a swift investigation into Prymyi TV channel.

8 Dec, 2021 13:29
EU slaps sanctions on Wagner group mercenaries

The ambassadors of the European Union countries have approved sanctions against members of Wagner private military company.

3 Dec, 2021 23:37
‘It was betrayal!’, former intelligence officers reveal new explosive details about Wagnergate leak scandal

New revelaltions from intelligence operatives back up allegations the sting operation leak was the inside job coming from Zelensky administration.

30 Nov, 2021 15:05
Journalist who confronted Zelensky at his press conference fears for his life after online threats

Censor.Net journalist said he is scared for his life after the latest claims that came from the political consultant with links to Zelensky administration.

26 Nov, 2021 13:00
Ex-intelligence chief Burba wanted to involve Ukraine in scandal with Turkey, – Zelensky

President Zelenskyi believes that Vasyl Burba, the former intelligence agency head, wanted to involve Ukraine in a scandal with Turkey through a special operation with Wagner mercenaries.

21 Nov, 2021 15:22
Former Ukrainian PM flees after TV show in accounted-for car, avoids uncomfortable questions

After ‘Svoboda Slova’ TV show, ex-PM Volodymyr Groysman avoided ‘Bukvy’ reporter’s questions and left in the accounted-for car.