RISE Moldova reports new details of the Mykola Chaus kidnapping case.

The journalists claim that they identified 10 persons who spied on Mykola Chaus for 19 days prior to his abduction. starting March 5.

Entering Moldova in groups on March 15 , the suspects stayed at different locations and left the country separately soon after the abduction.  The details of official investigation obtained by the journalists show that five of the alleged kidnappers had entered Moldova on false passports.

Yuriy Kovalenko, one of the suspects, reportedly came to Moldova  on March 15, crossing the state border point at Ataki.

On arrival to Chisinau, he rented a red “Hyundai Accent” that, according to the official report, happened to be  ‘equipped with a GPS tracker that allowed to track the vehicle moment’.

The car tracking history showed that   Kovalenko, for three days in a row, followed the same route – on picking up his accomplice Ivan Fedosenko from the hotel,  he took the car to th Debecal Boulevard whre Mykola Chaus resided at the time.

The car GPS tracker showed that he was back to Chaus  address again on March 20 and 21. The suspect reportedly returned to Ukraine the same day crossing the border point at Ataki.

Three days later, on March 25, he came back to Moldova in company of  Andriy Kutsenko who  used the documents in the name of Eduard Stavytsky. On March 26, Kovalenko hired a Volkawagen Jetta that was later seen at Botanika neighborhood close to Mykola Chaus residence. Renewing the rental of his car, he came back to  the neighborhood on March 27.  The next day, according to the records, the Ukrainian and his companion returned the rental car and checked out of their hotel.

On March 29 the same car rental was approached by another Ukrainian suspect Oleksiy Sontnikov who reportedly used the car for three days.

Oleksiy Nechaeyv, who was also allegedly involved in Chaus abduction, rented the same Volkswagen Jetta that was earlier used by Kovalenko, thins time  on March 30.  The rental car GPS history showed that  the car had parked close to Mykola Chaur residence. On March 31, this car was spotted near Serhiy Lazo park along with three others – Ford Transit, Mersedes Benz and Renault Scenic.  The two of these were allegedly used for the Ukrainian jugde abduction.