Oleskand Gogiashvili faces uncomfortable questions after footage  initially posted on ‘Ostannya kraplya’ Youtube channel  shows him berating and cursing the police officers after they stopped his car to check his documents on visit to war-zone in Donbas.

In the video, irate Gogiashvili harassed the cops with profanities and repeatedly told them of his status.

‘There is just one deputy minister with the f******  face like this, just one. I have been deputy minister for 3 years! It is too bad you don’t know it. And now when you know it, I got to know you too, buddy, and it won’t do good to you.. I don’t have to f******** explain you that I am deputy minister?’.

The incident drew instant blowback from lawmakers calling  for his immediate removal.

‘European Solidarity’ MP Iryna Gerashchenko slammed the disgraced official for his profane language and high-handed treatment of cops.

‘Our parliamentary group lays blame for his actions on [president] Zelensky who nominated his acquaintance [Gogiashvili] for the deputy minister [post].

‘Rudeness, arrogance, favoritism are new things that come with Zelensky and those he has brought along. We have a clear demand to the government to remove this no-good from office’.

Interior minister Denys Monastyrsky responded with an official statement saying the ministry has suspended Gogiashvili now pending investigation of misconduct.




Soon after the Saturday incident drew media attention, another video emerged showing irate Gogiashvili mouthing off  Kyiv police officers. The incident reportedly took place in mid-November and comes as damning evidence bullying and foul language were a common thing for Gogiashvili.

In the video, released by ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ reporter Mykhaylo Tkach, the interior deputy minister is seen taking issue with traffic cops who stopped his car over illegal use of emergency vehicle ligting. The irate official disparaged the cops calling out profanities and threats.

‘Have you recognized me or not? It’s too f****** bad if you haven’t  recognized your chief. … Don’t get me started or tomorrow you will have to report to my office!’