The Ukrainian president claimed ignorance on the claims of UA Pershyi journalists face pressure from his official over selection of guests and speakers for TV shows.

Zelensky top advisors come under fire Wednedsay after TV host Myroslava Barchuk revealed ‘Zvorotniy zvyazok’ TV show producers were confronted by ‘demands’ and ‘ultimatums’ from the president’s office led by Andriy Yermak and his ‘errand boys’.

When asked about the allegations, Zelensky, who is currently on a visit to Cherkasy region, said he is unaware about the incident adding he is presently ‘accused of putting pressure on everybody -oligarchs, business, and now it is miss Barchuk’.

The Ukrainian president, though, promised he will attend to it the situation noting ‘it looks weird when state-run television complains about pressure from the state’.


The ‘pressure’ issue was brought up later into his conversation with reporters some of whom briefed Zelensky on the story. This time the Ukrainian president argued it was ‘all hype’ and denied his officials were in any way involved in ‘pressure’ incident involving Myroslava Barchuk.

Then came the denial of a tight grip of his officials have over TV appearances of ‘Servant of the People’ MPs.

Zelensky stressed lawmakers are ‘free men’ who can ‘come or not come to TV shows’.

‘I can’t understand how I or the president’s office can be involved in it.. We don’t issue any approvals and lists [of TV show guests]. Especially when it comes to ‘Suspilne’[ public broadcaster]’.

Zelensky stressed lawmakers of his party are ‘free men’ who can ‘come or not come to TV shows’.