Yuriy Butusov cited thinly-veiled threats from Oleksiy Arestovych who claimed on social media Monday the journalist risks to become a ‘new Gongadze’ alluding to the investigative journalist murdered in early 2000s.

Butusov said he ‘knew Georgiy Gongazde from his journalistic activities’ who was concerned for his safety and surveillance he noticed and tried to reach out to officials.

‘Yet Gongadze was murdered after president Kuchma told interior minister Kravhcenko to take him away and  turn over to the Chechens. It was officials who killed the journalists’.

Censor.Net journalist argued the harassment campaign targeting him got backing from  Zelensky administration, and Arestovych threats are part of it.

‘Zelensky close allies aim to make me quit my investigations on failed sting operations of military intelligence .. and Russian spy network in the president’s office’.

Butusov warned that any assassination attempt targeting him will aim to ‘discredit protests against the government and protect Russian spies from exposure’.

The Ukrainian president and his senior officials are hampering investigation on foiled Wagner mercenaries capture plan and coming back at him for uncomfortable questions at Zelensky’s press conference, said the journalist, calling on law-enforcement to address the disturbing situation.