The anti-corruption court declared Kyiv city council member Vladyslav Trubitsyn on international wanted list. The official left Ukraine in May.

As reported by the Special Anti-Corruption prosecutor office, Trubitsyn is accused of receiving 1.39 million UAH of illegal profit.

The court took into account that Trubitsyn systematically did not appear at court sessions and left the country.

In February 2022, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine exposed a member of the Kyiv city council, a representative of the Servant of the People party, in receiving a bribe of UAH 1.26 million. The money was to be transferred for the right to illegally place points of seasonal trade in Kyiv. Trubitsyn, along with five other people, is accused of organizing a corruption scheme.

On February 11, 2022, Trubitsyn was taken into custody with the possibility of bail. Five days later, bail of almost 15 million hryvnias was posted for Trubitsyn and three other suspects. At the end of February, the suspect suspended his membership in the Servant of the People party for the period of the investigation.

The next court session was supposed to take place in May 2023, but it was postponed to May 30 due to Trubitsyn’s non-appearance. on May 25, Vladyslav Trubitsyn was expelled from the Servant of the People group in the city council.