On the personal side of the economy, 50% of Ukrainians say their financial situation has been worse off this year while 37% say their financial fortunes have remained unchanged.


It is notable that almost one in four respondents claim their financial well-being has considerably worsened.

When it comes to top priorities facing the country, corruption, rather routinely, remains the No.1 concern for 45% Ukrainians and is followed by inflation (34%).  Almost one in three respondents (31%) say they worry about the increased bills.

Despite 2021 economic woes, economic sentiments about 2022 are somewhat optimistic. A quarter of respondents (25%) say the economy will do better, or, at least, will not deteriorate (15%) next year.

Meanwhile, 27% of Ukrainians feel sour about 2022 economic scenario saying things will worsen.

The poll involved 2,400 respondents.