21 Dec, 2021 21:23
Most Ukrainians state economy decline in 2021, – recent poll

A new poll by ‘RATING’ pollster found most of Ukrainians have a scathing judgment on how Ukrainian economy was doing in 2021, with staggering 7 in 10 respondents (71%) calling it poor or very poor.

9 Dec, 2021 10:58
Ukraine’s 2023 census to include 50 questions

The 2023 census in Ukraine will include 50 questions aimed to fully cover the characteristics and living conditions of citizens.

3 Dec, 2021 19:23
Ukraine’s population to shrink to 22 million by 2100,  -National Academy of Sciences’ projections

With no remedies in sight, the demographic crisis can be fixed by bringing in migrants from the former Soviet republics and Asia.