‘Oleksandr Trukhin is included in the official delegation as a Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Relations Group with the United States of America’, the American media states.

‘Bukvy’ is trying to check the information. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not comment on the delegation members and advised us to contact the President’s office.

As President’s office is not responding at the moment, ‘Bukvy’ have sent an official information request to its press service.

It is worth noting that about thirty Ukrainian media outlets removed reports of a traffic accident involving Trukhin. The footage from the scene was also removed from the Kyiv LIVE YouTube channel.

On August 23, the ‘News Center’ website reported that the Audi car driven by ‘Servant of the People’ MP Oleksandr Trukhin had failed to maintain a safe distance and speed and collided with the Ford car carrying Luciano Luci, the chairperson of the Ukrainian Football Association Referee Committee.

The driver and passengers of the Audi were reportedly intoxicated.

The accident was confirmed by the UFA.

‘On August 3, at 3:45 pm, an accident happened in Darnytskyi district of Kyiv, in which the Ford car with the chairman of the Referee Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association Luciano Luci and his assistant Roman Lyshen was damaged. The car stopped at an intersection, waiting for a green traffic light. At that moment, another car crashed into it’, the statement says, adding that Luci and a car driver underwent emergency surgeries.

Dozens of Ukrainian media immediately published the news of the accident, but over the next few days, without explanation, they began to delete or change the publications not to mention Trukhin.

Olga Vytak, an editor of the ‘News Center’ website, published screenshots of three letters in which she was  offered money for removing the news.