car crash

30 Jan, 2023 20:10
MP Trukhin misses court trial regarding corruption case

On January 30, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court held a hearing in the case of a bribe offer by ‘Servant of the People’ MP Oleksandr Trukhin at the scene of a road accident. Howeve ...

7 Feb, 2022 11:55
Servant of the People MP car crash: investigators seeking witness report from police office over held-back body cam footage

Investigators said 4 out of 5 car accident reconstruction reports failed to indentify the person who caused the car collision.

2 Feb, 2022 16:57
‘Zelensky is fully responsible for that’, – Poroshenko reacts to MP Trukhin car crash scandal

Petro Poroshenko offers a scathing judgment on the scandal involving ‘Servant of the People’ MP Trukhin.

2 Feb, 2022 10:09
MP Trukhin booted from ‘Servant of the People’ party

Following a new development in a car crash scandal, the ‘Servant of the People’ booted Oleksandr Trukhin from the party.

2 Feb, 2022 09:30
MP Trukhin car crash scandal: police body cam video shows lawmaker offering a bribe to cover up the incident

In the footage obtained by ‘Ukrainska Pravda’, the lawmaker who for several months staunchily denied involvement in the incident is seen moments ater the car crash urging the police officer to let him 'walk away from it' and offering 'favors'.

17 Sep, 2021 12:11
Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Trukhin car crash: chief investigator says they can’t name the offender

Investigation into a car crash involving a ‘Servant of the People’ MP Trukhin is stalling and  police still can’t name the suspect who caused the offense, admits State Investigation Bureau interim head Oleksiy Sukhachov.

30 Aug, 2021 18:31
Car crash hushed by media: is MP Trukhin in USA with Zelensky?

On Monday, August 30, the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky left for the United States on an official visit. According to media reports, Oleksandr Trukhin, a ‘Servant of the People’ MP, who earlier caused an accident in Kyiv, went with him.