With vaccination pace usually sliding over weekends, health officials recorded 16,815 vaccinations on May 29 with 9,785 people administered the first shot and 7,030 the second one.

The most vaccinations were reported in Dnipro region (3,148) with Kyiv still topping the list of Ukrainian cities with the biggest total share of vaccinations (117,899).

Ukrainians vaccinated by mobile health care teams will be given a second shot the same way, informed the Health Ministry in a statement, reminding that people are set to be notified about their second dose appointments by vaccination centres.

As of May 29, 599,777 Ukrainians remained on the waiting lists for a Covid shot.

Ukraine’s vaccination campaign that grants free and voluntarily inoculation, got underway  on February 24, 2021 and is currently inoculating people aged over 65, health care workers, social services personnel, teachers, and State Border and Joint Forces Operation personnel in Donbas.