In a speech at the conciliation council Monday, Petro Poroshenko  called out the ruling party MPs over their failure to respond to Pandora Papers scandal that exposed offshore links of y Volodymyr Zelensky and Ihor Kolomoyskiy.

‘European Solidarity’ leader said ‘Ukraine is taking a hit over the actions of its president’ amid new revelations Zelensky and his ‘business partner’ Ihor Kolomoysky were part of ‘global corruption’ and ‘money  laundering’ schemes.

‘Just look up [the news] in Guardian, El Pais, The Washington Post, Euronews, CNN, Deutche Welle’, added Poroshenko citing extensive coverage the story got across international media platforms.

‘It is about stealing $ 40 million by [ Zelensky and] Kolomoyskiy. It has not been investigated as today our top state officials are linked with the SBU that faces conflict of interests and was part of these crimes, along with heads of law-enforcement agencies, all 100%’.

His speech was disrupted by ‘Servant of the People’ MPs who soon left the council meeting in a huff.


 Pandora Papers investigation alleged the Ukrainian president Volodymyr  Zelensky and his close circle were linked to questionable financial schemes while using offshore companies in British Virgin Islands to manage their undeclared assets.