CVU analyzed the work of different parties in Verkhovna Rada. The leaders of the ‘Servant of the People’, ‘Batkivshchyna’ and ‘Opposition Platform – For Life (OPZZh)’ have extremely low indicators of participation in voting.

David Arahamiia (‘Servant of the People’) and Yulia Tymoshenko (‘Batkivshchyna’) missed half of Verkhovna Rada’s votes in 2021. During February-July this year, Arakhamiia and Tymoshenko took part in only 45% of the vote.

The co-chairs of ‘OPZZh’ show even lower results. In particular, Yurii Boiko took part in only 3% of votes in six months, and Vadym Rabinovych – in 0.4%.

In addition, CVU found that some party leaders ignored parliamentary committee meetings. For example, Vadym Rabinovych took part in only 28% of the meetings, and Yurii Boiko was present at 42% of committee meetings.

Vadym Rabinovych was officially registered at only 20% of plenary Verkhovna Rada sittings this year, and Yulia Tymoshenko – at 53%.

David Arahamiia, Yurii Boiko and Vadym Rabinovych rarely take the floor in Verkhovna Rada, 17, 6 and 5 times respectively’, CVU specified.

At the same time, the leaders of ‘European Solidarity’ and ‘Holos’ showed the highest results. In particular, Iryna Herashchenko took part in 80% of Verkhovna Rada’s votes, attended 95% of plenary sessions, 94% of committee meetings, addressed the parliament 65 times, and registered 39 bills.

Artur Herasymov took part in 84% of the vote, attended 96% of plenary sessions and 100% of committee meetings.

The head of ‘Holos’ Yaroslav Zhelezniak was present at 100% of committee meetings and 98% of plenary sessions, took part in 74% of the voting, and spoke 37 times during the plenary sessions.

The study covers the period of February-July 2021.