This was announced by lawyer Ihor Holovan and quoted by European Solidarity press service.

‘Bihus has to publish all tapes! Zelensky’s interview on ‘1+1’ TV channel clearly confirmed the obvious assumption about the involvement of the President’s office in the Bihus.Info video with the so-called ‘Medvedchuk tapes’. The interview left no doubt that this action, led by the President’s office and carried out by Bihus.Info, is directed not against Medvedchuk and his partners, but exclusively against Zelensky’s main political opponent – Petro Poroshenko’, Holovan stressed.

‘As for Medvedchuk, the clown behavior of Bihus and his team is more like a cover-up operation. ‘Investigators’ have done everything to bring tapes into disrepute and create conditions for the records to be considered inadmissible evidence’, the lawyer added.

Holovan stressed that Bihus had not fulfilled his promise to publish all the conversations he had.

‘Instead of publishing the recordings that Bihus and the team received from their source (from the President’s Office, as it can be assumed), Bihus.Info offered the public three more videos with re-edited audio. They are also trying to fool us concerning timing. At first, Bihus said that he had 6 hours of recordings. Then he ‘corrected’ himself – 36 hours, not 6. In fact, the timing of the three videos with all, according to Bihus, records is 35 hours 9 minutes 14 seconds. However, even 36 hours do not correspond to Bihus’s statements that the whole editorial office had been sitting and listening to recordings for a week’. To listen to 36 hours in one week, even for five working days, one needs to listen for 7 hours and 12 minutes every day. If two people listen, 3 hours and 36 minutes each. Three people – 2 hours and 24 minutes. The entire editorial board of the experienced investigators should have processed those miserable 36 hours in a couple of days’, the lawyer said.

Holovan suspected Bihus.Info journalists of fraud and suggested that the recordings might contain voices of ‘current government officials’, as ‘records were also made in 2019’. The lawyer added that the original recordings ‘are of considerable public interest and should be made public’.

‘Therefore, we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of Petro Poroshenko against President Zelensky and public organization ‘Tom 14’ (editorial office of Bihus.Info).  We think it is illegal to conceal ‘Bihus tapes’ from the society and demand to publish them in their original form’, Golovan summed up.

  • In June, Bihus.Info journalists announced that they would publish the entire array of ‘Medvedchuk tapes’ – telephone conversations for the period 2014-2017.
  • Earlier, Bihus.Info journalists published recordings of Viktor Medvedchuk’s conversations with the leaders of the LNR and DNR terrorist groups.It followed from the journalists’ video that the process of Andrii Hrechanov’s release and his exchange for the Russian military Vladimir Starkov was allegedly delayed in the interests of Petro Poroshenko.At the same time, Andrii Hrechanov (nickname ‘Rakhman’), who took part in the defense of the Donetsk airport and was captured by the terrorists, does not agree that ‘Medvedchuk’s tapes’ indicate a delay in the process of his exchange.
  • In an interview, Petro Poroshenko commented on the ‘Bihus tapes’ and said, ‘using the topic of hostages and prisoners of war for political attacks against opponents is intolerable’. Poroshenko also commented on the situation with ‘Medvedchuk’s tapes’ in connection with negotiations on energy issues.
  • Direct participants in the 2014 ‘gas talks’ with Russia on behalf of Ukraine refuted a number of allegations made in ‘Medvedchuk’s tapes’ published by Bihus.Info.