April 9, 2021, 15:32

Renato Usatyi said that with Chaus political asylum application still in pending, Moldova had no legal grounds for his extradition.

Given the possible rejection of Mykola Chaus appeal, “he would have been sent to Ukraine this June, at the latest,” alleged the politician.

The Moldovian politician stated that the kidnapping was arranged to take the attention off the upcoming Bellingcat investigation on the failed capture of Wagner mercenaries, and went on to claim that the Ukrainian president Zelensky laid off “many people in SBU and Main Intelligence Directorate “after a debrief” on the Wagner mercineries’ story leak.

“And this is when they came to realize that Andriy Yermak was behind the leak. The laid off operatives were incensed to discover one of the top state officials, Andry Yermak, leaking  to Russians the information about the covert operation,”said the Moldovian politician.

The politician bluntly called the Ukrainian government responsible for the kidnapping. “Now I am talking about Zelensky and Ukraine’s intelligence service”, he said, adding that “it will eventually destroy the Ukraine’s president stumbling approval rates.”

“Why rush  Chaus kidnapping? The Bellingcat film on Wagner mercenaries story was coming out on April 15, and could produce evidence  on Zelensky officials involvement with confidential information leak to Russia.  Some Ukrainian law enforcement officials, following Zelensky’s command, turned to different intelligence services in other countries asking ‘Guys, advice how to check it?’ and were told ‘You can’t do so. It is democracy.’ They only managed to get Bellingcat put off its report till later April claiming they needed to articulate their side of the story,” said Usatyi.

His video also revealed the details of Mykola Chaus kidnapping:

“On coming to Moldova, they were tasked with immediate removal of Chaus from the country. The task was carried out by the officers of Ukraine’s Chief Intelligence Directorate and the SBU. Unwittingly, our Information and Security Sevice ‘dummies’ became associates in the thing.”

Moldova’s intelligence officials, according to Usatyi, had started to cooperate with Ukrainian counterparts on Mykola Chaus case 3 months prior to the events allowing them  surveillance and wiretaping of the fugitive judge, which “provided Ukrainians with all the information needed for kidnapping.”

To stage Chaus abduction, according to Renato Usaty’s claims, the plotting party hired quote unquote sportsmen and crime groups’ members of close ties to Ukrainian intelligence service.

Arguing  that Moldova’s intelligence was not fully aware of the Ukrainian intents, the Moldovina politician admitted that “you are not in position to  bring claims against the Ukrainian intelligence operatives as they were following their seniors’ commands… they ‘evacuated’ the ‘object’ by all means possibly as their country commanded.”

He argued that the Ukraine’s officials were hard pressed to shift focus {from Belligcat revelations} and “it led to decision about the kidnapping {of Chaus}. Why did the operatives’ team come to Moldova on March 24? They were in rush, time pressed.”

His video statement was also scathing about Moldova’s government response to the scandal. “Not a word {complaint} coming from Maia Sandu about Ukrainian government officials. To paper up the Ukrainian leaders in Chaus abduction is what makes you their accomplice,” he added.

In Renato Usatyi’s view, president Maia Sandu should have responded by recalling the country’s ambassador from Ukraine and sending a note of protest to the Ukraine’s ambassador.