Every Ukrainian should be aware that the war is far from being over and it is going behind the frontlines as well, said Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an extended interiew for BBC , warning against joining the party of those ‘who are through with war’.

With the country being at war, people need to learn to ‘replenish its economic resources, pay taxes, and work’.

Reznikov struck a note of cautious optimism, arguing the war can end by the end of 2022, although Ukraine’s allies should keep providing military help to ensure Kyiv can get the upper hand.

We need to synchronize our plans for a counteroffensive, said the Ukrainian military chief, which will require work on several fronts – getting Ukraine weapons and hurting Russia with new sanctions.

Despite initial skepticism, West has seen Ukraine can turn the tables and defeating its enemy and reclaiming the territories occupied by Russians after Ferbruary 24 s  is a ‘realistic plan’.

Reznikov addressed what he called the misunderstanding prompted by his interview for the Times where he said Ukraine was going to mount a 1 million army to go on a counteroffensive. According to Reznikov, Kyiv doesn’t need to do so as it already has the army in that number.

He also admitted Ukraine’s military still will need to figure out how to mount the counterattack considering ther ‘prioritized plans’ and ‘capabilities’.

Ukraine has never concealed its plans to win back their territories in Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk, but it will also require ‘resources’ and involvement of Western partners, who provide assistance and know well enough ‘what and when we need it for this or that advancment’, explained the minister.