Oleksiy Reznikov

15 Jul, 2022 15:25
‘Realistic plan’, -Ukraine’s defense minister on ending war by end of 2022

Every Ukrainian should be aware that the war is far from being over and it is going behind the frontlines as well, said Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an extended i ...

11 Mar, 2022 09:04
‘Russians troops killed more civilians than Ukrainian military’, – Ukraine’s defense minister

Ukrainian defense minister Oleksii Reznikov stated in a video address on social media that since the beginning of the invasion Russian troops have killed more civilians than Ukrain ...

22 Feb, 2022 12:35
‘Tough challenges and losses ahead ’ Ukraine’s defense minister addressed the army personnel

Ukraine's defense Oleksiy Reznikov urged Ukrainian servicemen to 'keep calm and close the ranks'.

18 Feb, 2022 13:41
Ukraine’s defense minister supports gun possession

Defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov spoke in favor of the adoption of a bill on the legalization of gun ownership in Ukraine.

18 Feb, 2022 11:26
Ukraine doesn’t return fire in Donbas despite growing ceasefire violations – defense minister Reznikov

Moscow can use provocations in occupied Donbas to blame Kyiv and stage a 'Georgian scenario' there, argues Oleksiy Reznikov.

31 Jan, 2022 21:23
‘We are ready to repel Russian aggression’, – Ukraine’s defense minister

Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov states the Ukrainian military are ready to repel in case Russia invades.

9 Dec, 2021 15:30
Ukrainian army to replace some military personnel with civilian employees, – defense minister

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has begun gradual replacement of military personnel with civilian employees.