In his interview with Le Figaro, released by his office on April 16, Zelensky provided his outlook on US-Ukraine partnership.

When asked if Joseph Biden would be a better US President for you than Donald Trump?, Zelensky said that “We are not in the “supermarket” of the presidents of the United States.”

“American people do the choosing. There are relations between the United States and Ukraine. Yes, presidents can improve these relations, but it is difficult to change the general mood. The United States treats Ukraine well and supports it. Whatever the President of the United States or the President of Ukraine is, such relations will remain”, stressed Zelensky.

He expressed optimism about cooperation with the Biden administration but claimed that it could be possible “when president have more than an official call”.

“Relations can be better, deeper, when presidents have more than an official call. And even more than when teams work. When there is “chemistry”. And it does not depend on gender or age, it’s just there or not. And it still depends on your personal attitude towards this country”, said the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky found it promising that “President Biden knows Ukraine better because he has been to Ukraine” yet underlined that “you still have to judge by the results. And the result takes some time”.

When asked about the alleged delay with getting a lodged call from Biden, the Ukrainian president argued that “that’s fine. I understand that the United States is a great country and it has relationships, support, or difficulties with many countries”.

He stressed the importance of US-Ukraine ties in the light of the recent challenges Ukraine and Europe are facing: “I’m not saying we are special and most important to the United States, but I would very much like that to be the case. Although, it seems to me we are very important now in the European part of the world because of what is happening in Ukraine”, said the president.