Russian troops may be preparing a massive missile attack on Ukraine on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion on February 24, said the press officer of Ukraine’s Operational Command South on TV.

Press officer Nataliia Humeniuk noted that usually Russians make two-week intervals between attacks, so the next one may take place on February 24.

Currently, two submarine missile carriers equipped with up to 8 Kalibr missiles continue to be in the Black Sea. Russians are also keeping surface missile carriers on alert.

‘If we talk about the time interval from one massive strike to another, it is, as a rule, up to two weeks. We can note that from the previous to the next massive attack it is exactly February 24. Remembering the enemy’s attraction to sacred dates, we must be alert’, she said.

The press officer added that it is more difficult to detect a missile launch made from the submarine. Using the submarine carriers, Russia wants to sow terror among civilians.