Black Sea

1 Jun, 2023 11:23
Grain exports increased by 80% in the past week

Ukrainian agricultural association reported that grain exports from Ukraine increased by 78% last week compared to the previous one. 210.5 thousand tons of agricultural products we ...

1 May, 2023 22:13
More than 100 dolphins died in the Black Sea due to Russian actions, – ecologist

The head of the research department of the National Park ‘Tuzlivski Lymani’ Ivan Rusev said that during April 2023, more than a hundred dead dolphins were registered in the Sevasto ...

27 Apr, 2023 16:33
Russia again blocks ‘Black Sea Grain Corridor’

On April 26, the ‘Black Sea Grain Corridor’ was again suspended by the Russian side, Ukrainian navy command reports. On April 25, at the Joint Coordination Center (Istanbul), the r ...

15 Feb, 2023 14:28
Russia blocks ‘grain deal’, Ukraine addresses Turkey and UN

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine appealed to the UN and Turkey to stop the Russian Federation’s attempts to block the operation of the ‘grain corridor’. The Ministe ...

13 Feb, 2023 10:36
Russia may be preparing massive missile strike on February 24, – army command

Russian troops may be preparing a massive missile attack on Ukraine on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion on February 24, said the press officer of Ukraine’s Operational Co ...

30 Mar, 2022 08:01
Russia uses Ukrainian naval mines captured in 2014, – foreign ministry

Ukraine’s foreign ministry accuses Russia of using naval mines seized in Crimea in 2014. According to the reports, such mines were found floating near Turkey and Romania shorelines ...

30 Dec, 2021 22:15
Ukraine stages joint naval exercise with France in Black Sea

The exercise is part of PASSEX naval drills held by Ukraine's Navy fleet with NATO counterparts.