Ukrainian defense minister Oleksii Reznikov stated in a video address on social media that since the beginning of the invasion Russian troops have killed more civilians than Ukrainian military.

The minister said no one in the world believed that Ukraine will endure, but Ukrainian army and people broke the enemy plans.

Reznikov said the words of gratitude to all those who are defending and working for the country now.

He stressed the criminal character of Russian attacks stating ‘The Kremlin is bombing schools and hospitals, including maternity hospitals. Moscow does not protect anyone. It destroys. They are not able to fight with our army, the national guard and territorial defense forces. So, they attack the most vulnerable ones.’

The minister also said the authorities are making all possible efforts to protect the civilian population, but any word of Russian invaders regarding humanitarian caid and corridors cannot be trusted.

‘Hold the line. Support your loved ones. Let us move towards victory. Glory to Ukraine!’ Reznikov concluded.