The news about removal of the rebel MP came from  Servant of the People leader Oleksandr Kornienko.

MP Lyudmyla Buymister was ‘redlined’ failing to support Zelensky’s anti-oligarchs’ law, said Kornienko in a briefing Monday, noting the party leadership ‘have no plans’  to do the same to the MPs opposing replacement of the parliament speaker.

In an interview for Ukraina24 TV channel,  Buymister said she learnt about her possible ejection from the news.

‘There was no private conversation [on the matter] with me.  What  is more, when we were in Truskavets [for a party convention], I got to talk to president Zelensky who knew nothing about the plans of my ejection from the group. We agreed we would meet and I would explain why I voted against the law,’ said Buymister, claiming she has proposals and remarks on the adopted law.


The controversial  ‘anti-oligarchs’ law went into effect on September 23 after it was approved by the Verkhovna Rada. The policy can face another vote due to conflicting amendments MPs failed to take notice of.