In October, 2019, ‘Servant of the People’ said they would cover expenses for a public poll ‘5 questions’ initiated by the Ukrainian president. The controversial poll called ‘5 questions’ was held outside polling stations on the day of Ukrainian local elections Oct.25.

Sponsorship of Zelensky’s poll must be regarded as passive bribery of a state official, and ‘acceptance of the offer or promise of the improper advantage’ constitutes a criminal offence under art.368-3, 368-4 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code.

The art.368 makes it a crime to ‘offer, promise, or provide the improper advantage’.

‘Servant of the People’ claimed the poll was part of their election campaign promise to ‘develop direct democracy’ in Ukraine meaning the ruling party also violated the law and  received the ‘improper advantage’ under art.368 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code.

The poll drew criticism as legal experts and politicians voiced concerns it violated the election laws  and attempted to distort public debate.