The new ‘imperative’ mandate policy will allow Servant of the People party to strip  its MPs of their seats defect from the party or ‘lose the trust of voters’.

In her interview for Interfax Ukraina on Monday,  Olena Shulyak said Servant of the People party has almost worked out the list with the first ordeal of removals coming in Ferbuary 2022.

She stressed the party is making a point of sticking to legal norms when going ahead with ‘imperative mandate’ policy and each case will be thoroughly assessed before a final decision is made.

Party regional  offices are still making up lists of the persons facing the chop, said Servant of the People leader, adding that

‘hardly anyone [in the party] will want to use this mechanism for personal considerations or while punishing someone they are at odds with’.

The ‘sanction’ could help in dealing with  the current floor-crossing situation that sees some Servant of the People MPs joining ‘so called Rozumna polityka’ parliamentary group led by ousted speaker Dmytro Razumkov keeping their party badge to avoid expulsion.  This is what makes me support the imperative mandate policy at all levels, said Olena Shulyak.