This was reported by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua.

In particular, Arakhamia believes that both parties are similar because their motto is ‘serving the people’.

According to Arakhamia, Servant of the People considers China an important strategic partner of Ukraine and intends to adopt the Chinese experience in managing the economy and state.

The MP admitted that Xi Jinping’s book on public administration ‘made a strong impression on him’. Therefore, he even decided to promote the publication of a Ukrainian-language edition of this book so that ‘Ukrainians could learn how China overcame difficulties and achieved rapid economic growth’.

‘The ‘Chinese miracle’ became possible due to the policy of the Communist party of China’, Arakhamia adds.

He also mentions that China is of interest to many Ukrainian tourists. Therefore, Ukraine is negotiating with China to resume direct flights, sees China as an example and considers it a strategic partner.

In addition, Arakhamia expresses hope that when the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic improves, Ukraine and China will start exchanging delegations again to further strengthen mutual trust and accelerate bilateral cooperation.